When Rlon Wang masterful artwork meets Glenfiddich for A Gift to Mark New Beginnings

Glenfiddich of family-owned distiller and distributor William Grant & Sons has unveiled a celestial-style limited-edition gift pack, sure to delight both collectors and casual consumers this festive period. Based on the works of celebrated artist Rlon Wang, the 2022 design invites us to look to the future and imagine a world where auspicious wonders await with our loved ones 

The Perfect Gift To Mark New Beginnings: Glenfiddich Limited Edition Gift Packs 

As thousands of families hope to gather near and far for Chinese Lunar New Year, they look for the perfect gift to inspire new beginnings full of exciting possibilities. The final edition in the Rlon Wang-designed series trilogy of Lunar New Year gift packs for Glenfiddich embraces the occasion in celestial style.

The 2022 limited edition gift pack completes the last in a trilogy of thought-provoking stories told in the design of the limited-edition gift packs. Each of the colourful gift pack renders pay homage to the corresponding colours on the malt labels and the iconic Glenfiddich Stag, known as Fu Lu in Mandarin, which is a representation of wealth, prosperity and longevity in Chinese culture. The concluding and grand finale design is an awe-inspiring imagining of what we ask when we finally reach home after any great adventure – Where Next? A curiousness and future-thinking vision is woven into the DNA and story of Glenfiddich, as a brand that is always pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Over 130 years of experimentation and innovation led to the creation of a liquid that is the world’s most awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky today. 

Will Peacock, Global Luxury Director at William Grant & Sons says: “When tasked with how to conclude this much-loved series of limited-edition gift packs with artist Rlon Wang, we asked ourselves: what could be on the horizon for our characters, and more widely for the world? The talented illustrator, a fellow maverick in his field, encapsulated a feeling of optimism for the future. We believe this 2022 limited-edition gift pack really speaks to our time and will become a collector’s item for years to come.” 

Artist Rlon Wang says of the partnership: “I greatly enjoyed working with Glenfiddich for this final design; I was able to use a technique of multi- layered illustrations to put people’s brightest hopes and dreams on a canvas. I gave the design an otherworldly feel with the use of traditional symbols in futuristic forms. We see old friends – Glenfiddich’s Royal Stag and the traditional dancing Chinese lion – ascending to the stars with a bright galaxy in front of them; auspicious lanterns, lotus flowers and a soaring phoenix guide them into a vibrant world full of galactic proportions. Zero-gravity allows them to reach new heights, representing a boundless future that awaits.”  

This Lunar New Year, Glenfiddich invites you on a journey of joy, celebration, and exciting possibilities. For more information, visit Instagram: