The Chain Pouch by BOTTEGA VENETA

The latest ‘it’ and ‘must have’ bag is not really a bag, it’s a pouch! This is what happened when a new creative designer takes control in the house of Bottega Veneta 2 years ago. And it worked, the bag was a global success. The iconic Pouch is evolved once more for Spring 2020. A glamorous addition of a metallic link strap.

Clean, essential and immediate, the Chain Pouch’s square-ring strap recalls chunky metal adornments that can be seen running throughout the collection. The craft process itself is directly lifted from jewellery, requiring the hands of master jewellers who intricately sculpt each link of the chain, one by one through an electroforming process before assembling and polishing by hand. The pouch has one compartment lined in light calf leather. Bright colours available of course – but the attention will be on the chains! 

Brought to you by Bottega Veneta. Browse photos below or on the brand’s Instagram page.