Let’s try Misting… with Jurlique’s Newer Fragrances

Misting combines two of the five ways we connect with the world around us – touch and smell. Both these senses are profoundly connected to our inner emotional landscape. The Misting ritual allows us to pause, close our eyes and tune out the sounds in our environment. A moment of self-care. One that we can take with us anywhere we go. Sounds elevating right?

The Hydrating Mists from Jurlique is a gateway to a sensorial self-care ritual. Their Rosewater Balancing Mist is the iconic choice while the newer fragrances of Lavender and Sweet Violet & Grapefruit provide calming and uplifting potential respectively.

These newer scents provide an enticingly fresh departure from the more familiar Rose, giving us the opportunity to explore new terrain. For just a moment in our day, misting is a journey. Each spritz is an opportunity to transport ourselves to the beauty and tranquillity of a garden in full bloom, no matter where we are.

Each farm-grown ingredient in the Mists range is carefully harvested in the pristine environment in the Adelaide Hills. This hand-crafted process allows Jurlique to distil and magnify the potency of the plant’s natural essence.

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