RIMOWA Rolls Out An Inspired Shade of Purple

RIMOWA oozes style. RIMOWA IS style to most and after joining the LVMH Group 3 years back, their positioning is clear. We are all heading into summer (read: vacation mode). Thailand is already in the crux of summer and yes – since we are all still at home, there’s no better time for some advance planning on our next vacay…

And if you need a new suitcase to go along, check out the latest RIMOWA Essential seasonal release. 

Berry is a shade of deep purple. Inspired from the majestic fjords of Iceland. Visit Hvalfjordur on the western corridor of Iceland during the right time, and witness a sea of blooming flowers in purple. Naturally, the aurora will be a majestic spectrum and laying there watching the fleeting change of colours, can be one major accomplishment off the bucket list. 

The most individual of journeys – best complemented with a suitcase by RIMOWA Essential collection in Berry. 

They come in 2 sizes presently. Browse their website for details and yes, free delivery for all purchases.