The History of Whoo Unveils Two New Products

The history of Whoo unveils the Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Eye Serum and Cheongidan Illuminating Essence. Both products fuses modern technology with Eastern medicine to reduce skin pigments and dark spots. Formulated with Dragon Empress Tzu-hsi’s secret beauty recipe, Cheongidan is known for its skin rejuvenating property and ability to restore the six qi energy. Another key element offers excellent properties to boost the skin’s radiance, youthfulness and pearlescent glow for brighter skin. First, it

detoxifies the skin with Dang Shen, Comfrey and Calla extracts. Next, it brightens the skin with a mixture of four red fruits (pomegranate, longan, omija berry and Chinese jujube). Finally, it adds a pearlescent glow to your skin with Southern Sea pearl extract.

The new Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Eye Serum provides remedy and pampering for our tired eyes. In serum form, absorption is immediate and is best used during your morning makeup and/or skincare routine.

Cheongidan Illuminating Essence is a total whitening essence product that works its magic from within your skin. As the name reveals, it will illuminate! It gives a boost for moisturising too.

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