Away from home during a pandemic !

What’s your thoughts on the current covid-19 situation, living away from your home country?

  • Name : Rui Barata
  • Age : 44
  • From : Portugal
  • Job : GM Brmunns international
  • Years in Thailand : 5 years

At first was strange but pretty fast you create your routine and try to stay occupied and positive. It also gives you a lot of time to reflect on yourself and see what you can do better once the situation gets better Feeling hopeless and missing family abroad but keep in mind that there’s millions of people that are in a worse position than myself. In the end, feeling blessed of what I have and staying calm until this ends.

  • Name : Del Spafford
  • Age : 48
  • From : UK
  • Job : Teacher Trainer and Academic Consultant
  • Years in Thailand : 21 years

I’ve lived in Thailand for a long time and have a family here so I consider it my home now. But, I also do have family back in the UK. My main concern of living in the current COVID 19 situation really is the safety of those people I love that are in the high-risk categories. I have an elderly mother who is on her own, and an elderly father in law and it’s very difficult to be away from them.  My own life has been affected slightly. I now work from home and am glad I have the luxury of being able to do this but apart from not being able to go to restaurants, which I enjoy, nothing too drastic has changed. We are cooking lots more at home and this has been great. The community around us seems more friendly and I am exercising more so all in all I can look at some positives.

  • Name : Kelby
  • Age : 24
  • From : USA
  • Job : “Freelance” aka unemployed
  • Years in Thailand : Since august 2018

I feel safer living in Thailand. As I think society here generally reacts better to the government guidelines and the infections rates are much lower. Also people generally are more willing to seek treatment when they are feeling unwell. I doubt the US will ever close its borders to citizens wanting to repatriate into the country so I am not too worried about finding a flight back. There is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty with the current situation. I do feel like I get more suspicious looks from local people when I am in public. Not sure if people’s attitude toward foreigners in the country have changed thinking we are more likely to be spreading the virus. But with communication technology being as advanced as it is I have been able to catch up with many people I haven’t talked to in a while. I am lucky to live in a condo with a good sense of community so I can still hang out with neighbors and such. But I really don’t like spending all my time at home and getting bored not having any work. That being said I do think the situation here is safer than in my home country as nobody here is “protesting” the quarantine and generally people are more socially responsible.

  • Name : James
  • Age : 27
  • From : Spain
  • Job : Consultant
  • Years in Thailand : 2 years

I thought to see your family and friends have a bad time and not be able to be there with them. Having lockdown here doesn’t help either with keeping the spirit high. However, I am not sure how things will evolve afterwards and how long until it gets back to normal. Really looking forward to getting back to normal times.

  • Name : Jomar Tejero Villasencio
  • Age : 30
  • From : The Philippines
  • Job : Teacher
  • Years in Thailand : 5 years

As an expat here in Thailand, I can say that the current situation and measures are taken seriously by the authorities. Everyone is affected worldwide and I commend Thailand government for handling their best for all constituents and foreigners in the country. I am very sad though that I am away from my home country and can’t even visit my family at this moment due to international airport lockdown. Also, I’m worried about how to survive in the next few months since schools are severely affected by this pandemic and suspended classes until the end of June. By that, salaries were cut off too. It’s really difficult because given my monthly responsibilities, I have to provide for my family back home and my needs at the same time. And one good thing that I am happy about is that everyone is taking initiative in helping one another to survive regardless of race. Thus, I am still optimistic that this pandemic will end very soon and everything will be back to normal. We will just have to be patient, have faith, follow and cooperate with the government as well as being responsible enough in taking safety measures everyday. Together we will fight as one! Stay safe and God bless everyone.

  • Name : Denis Casella
  • Age : 44
  • From : Italy
  • Job : Restaurant manager
  • Years in Thailand : 2 months

Just worry about my family in Italy and can’t go back now my parents are very old. I do care about their health.

  • Name : Kazu
  • Age : 42
  • From : Japan
  • Job : Company Man
  • Years in Thailand : 15 Years

I want you to finish early.

  • Name : Haruko Ishii
  • Age : 52
  • From : Japan
  • Job : housewife
  • Years in Thailand : 2 years

I think Thailand is coping with Covid 19 very well. The government is very fast on implementing all steps to stop the spread of Covid 19. Covid is all over the world now. Family members of expats were asked if we prefer to return to our country, we may do so at company expense. But I decided to stay in Thailand because nowhere is safe anyway and once you go back you will never know when you can come back again. I think it is better to stay where you are if the country you are staying at has a certain level of medical treatment.

  • Name : Martin Fleuret
  • Age : 21
  • From : France
  • Job : Student
  • Years in Thailand : 5 months

Coming from France, I was very worried about my family there. Now that they are in containment and the spread is slowed down i am reassured. I wonder what will happen after the containment and when we will be able to go back to our old life.

  • Name : Joseph
  • Age : 26
  • From : New Zealand
  • Job : Manager
  • Years in Thailand : 2 years

It kind of stresses me out. At first I got many opportunities but now recruitment is frozen. Hospitality and tourism will have a hard time to get over this.

  • Name : Bobby
  • Age : 56
  • From : France
  • Job : Retired
  • Years in Thailand : 2 ½ years

II like the sight in Thailand and I like the mutual aid of the Thai people.

  • Name : Bob
  • Age : 37
  • From : Ankara
  • Job : Marketing Manager
  • Years in Thailand : 11 years

I have lived here for quite a long time and I see it as my home. The Covid situation just gives me an opportunity to study more and strengthen my skills in my field of expertise.

  • Name : Walter Camenisch
  • Age : 57
  • From : Switzerland
  • Job : Property Developer
  • Years in Thailand : 22 years

Covid-19 is a huge health problem but also an economic and financial problem for Thailand and worldwide. In my opinion Thailand did handle this problem very well so far, better than most European countries! For my business, my employees and of course for most Thai people it’s been a very difficult time, and unfortunately it will take many more months until all is back to normality! But Thailand is a wonderful country and all the foreigners who love it here will be back again after the crisis. The Thai Government needs to make it easier for foreigners to invest here, to do business and to retire here. Better and more easy visa rules are necessary to attract foreigners to decide for Thailand and not for any other neighboring country.

  • Name : Yuriko Saito
  • Age : 67
  • From : Japan
  • Job : Housewife
  • Years in Thailand : 26 years

Nothing is different before and after this situation. I spent a  lot of time cooking. Cooking is my hobby and the only thing that I’m glad to do.

  • Name : Jongmin Kim
  • Age : Early 50s
  • From : Korea
  • Job : Editor in Chief
  • Years in Thailand : 22 years

Been here in Thailand long enough to have a lot of experiences, such as 2 times coup, Red and Yellow shirts, IMF, SARS, MERS etc etc. But I have never seen anything like this right now. Covid19 is the winner. I guess before and after Covid19, we are seeing some historical changes.