Journey to Love Launches a New Inspiring Podcast Hosted by Sabina Ahuja to Help You Feel Healthier & Happier

Journey to Love, a virtual hub of wellness and personal development education, has launched a new inspiring podcast called ‘Journey to Love with Sabina’. Available now for free on Spotify, the podcast brings listeners bite-sized wisdom and life hacks on essential topics such as how to ease stress, boost the immune system, how to be happier in relationships during semi-quarantine amongst many others. 

The best part about the show is the fact that these are real life questions from people and the tips offered can be applied right away to create positive impact and simply put, to feel BETTER, more energized and excited for life.” says Sabina, the founder – who is also a yoga teacher.

Each episode is less than 25 minutes. Expect new episodes every week, the show will also feature other thought leaders and wellness instructors in Southeast Asia who will also share their insights.