NewTrend update for 2021.Wechat video vs Douyin,who will thrive more?

What is Wechat Video? In 2020, Douyin (Tiktok) is the hottest trending app in china. Every brand including many hotels are utilizing this popular Douyin app. In June 2020, WeChat launched its beta version of WeChat video account (200M DAU based on WeChat) to compete with Douyin app. It allows everyone (bothpersonal and official) to start having their owns followers and fan base

Example of Wechat Video

Strengths of Wechat Video (new function)

COMPARING Wechat Video and Douyin

  1. Most brands are considering to move their content to Wechat Video account (first wave). If you do it right, then you will get all the benefits as the first mover!
  2. Now you can do hard sell using WeChat video.In the past, Wechat were really strict, but with the rise of Douyin, rules are revisited.

Below: Wechat video Comments is now showing as floating text in the video. To avoid hard sell restrictions in the comment box

  1. Now or never! All travelling content joining the wechat video enjoysthe first wave and extra free traffic from Wechat

Now even new account gets many views if you know how to do it right!

  1. E-commerce plug-inAdidas example

For hoteliers who are on the WeChat OA account, good news is you just need to roll out great video content and you can implement direct sales/booking for room and F&B vouchers!