A Chinese Afternoon Tea at Yao

Tea is enjoyed around the world in various forms and styles. Drinking tea in England was made popular around 4 centuries ago in the 1660s by King Charles II and his wife, the Portuguese Infanta Catherine of Braganza. The tradition of afternoon tea later came about in the mid-19 century.

Today, the afternoon tea is a quintessentially English tradition. During the few hours between lunch and dinner, sits the poignant moment and ceremony of the afternoon tea.

Yao Restaurant and Rooftop Bar in Bangkok, atop the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse, is currently presenting their innovative take on the afternoon tea. Scones are still present of course in this meaningful interpretation of the afternoon tea.

This is the first major hotel in Bangkok to present a Chinese Afternoon Tea. Scones are aligned beautifully with a host of other delectable light bites in a beautiful brown box or drawer of sorts. Yao-branded macaroons are perfect for a dose of sweetness on your weekend afternoons.

A selection of dimsum highlights is also included. Lift them up with your fingers or put the chopstick to good use for grammable snaps.

The Chinese Afternoon Tea is yours for only 1288 Baht for two people. Every Saturday and Sunday from 2.30PM. You also get to order from their range of tea, a pot each. Go for different choices to sample and share more tea. Refills of hot water available. We recommend their Rose Tea, Lotus Flower Tea and the tea from Yunnan. They go in unison with the fried savories, presented in the upper tier of your tea ‘drawer box.

Chef Bruce Hui is the Head Chef leading Yao since the pre-opening days. He is from Jiangsu province in China. Kudos to him for his innovative interpretation of the timeless afternoon tea tradition. A round of applause too for the renowned Peking Duck here which you can order during lunch or dinner.

After a reflective afternoon with tea, stay on for sunset one floor above. An opportune moment in time to spike your tea or down a glass of gin. Or two…

A wondrous way to embrace the setting sun while having pre-dinner drinks. 

Call 02 088 5666 to reserve a spot for Chinese Afternoon Tea at Yao. Find out more on Line @marriottsurawongse