An Evening in Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill offers gourmet fine dining in an intimate setting. The restaurant is located on the lobby level of Radisson Suites Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 13, a short walk from BTS Station Nana. Parking is available right in front of the restaurant.

We came one evening to sample their newest tasting menu. Chef Bharath and his team were brilliant the entire night. This is why:

The chargrilled spiced baby corn was a great opening. This tasting menu is inspired by the monsoon season and during the rainy days, stalls selling grilled corn are a common sight in Mumbai and many other coastal cities. The mustard and curry leaf tempered corn espuma on the side provided the perfect lift to the elegant starter. A separate Avocado Beal dish was prepared for our colleague who preferred a less spicy take. The medley of ingredients also came together in applauding unison and the avocado bites were memorable.

Next up, the nod to the sea in the form of a large prawn, firmly laid out and smoked. Our most good looking prawn in recent memory. Peeling the meat was a decadent affair and the relish was a mix of tomato and red pepper. Everyone agreed, this deserved a standing ovation.

Punjab Grill under the leadership of Chef Bharath offers authentic Indian cuisine and also seasonal contemporary menus. Our third dish for the evening is a contemporary take on the classic seekh kebab. Instead of the usual lamb, Chef Bharath deployed the duck here. Minced with fresh herbs, this was perfected in the tandoor. The cranberry chutney accompaniment was so good – they should be bottled (and sold). We would have gladly carried home a few.

As a palate cleanser, shaved ice was served, flavoured with grapefruit, anise and black salt. A refreshing midway point for dinner, and we would have also asked for more, if we were not too busy washing it down with their mango lassi and signature cocktails. Kudos also to the homemade cheese mousse that accompanied their papadums

The main course for the evening was a lamb dish. Richly cooked lamb morsels served atop an egg paratha, presented in a tawa – a flat disc-shaped frying pan. Chef Bharath flambeed each individual tawa with rum in front of us. A fiery camera moment indeed. Lamb was fork tender. The egg paratha provided further layers to this exquisite dish.

To mark the end of dinner, the Seb Halwa aur Kheer rose to the occasion. A warm apple pudding and chilled rice pudding came together to form a sweet circle, with caramelised apple standing guard like a sentinel along the border. The contrast in colour and temperature was beautiful. Reduced milk was given a liquid nitrogen bath before it rained down on each plate like the falling snow. A roaring finale to the culinary evening.

We are already looking forward to savoring the vegetarian tasting menu next week. Punjab Grill opens daily for dinner from 6PM. Every Wednesday they have a night for unlimited kebabs and beer and Sunday Brunch is a steal at 1000 Baht net – inclusive of coffee, lassi and soft drinks. Keep an eye out for their free flowing chai, poured table side.