Canton Paradise open 1st branch at central world

Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong

Now we do not need to fly to Hong Kong Island to eat at our favorite restaurant. The restaurant industry in our country is very bustling. Famous restaurants from abroad continuously open in Thailand and, we can’t wait to try. Recently, Canton Paradise, a Cantonese-style Chinese restaurant, famous Chinese restaurant that is a must visit whenever in Hong Kong, opened its first branch in Bangkok’s Central World. Bringing original recipes from Hong Kong Island.  

This Chinese restaurant from Hong Kong, Canton Paradise, uses the most outstanding   ingredients, such as the Hargao and Xiao Long Bao that made with fresh flour imported every day, or the noodles imported from Hong Kong. For their roasted duck, crispy pork and BBQ pork recipes, restaurant’s uses unique cooking techniques that make the meat crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The highlight of Canton Paradise is the collection of Hong Kong’s signature dishes from a team of experienced chefs through 4 cuisines that are the heart of authentic Hong Kong-style Chinese cuisine. For the first group is All Day Dim Sum using 100% imported flour, followed by HK Roast Fare an array of famous barbecue grilled dishes together, Noodle and Congee, andending with the last highlight, Wok Dish Stir-fried hot dishes. What does each great menu we have to recommend? Let’s see and taste it:

Hargao: (135 baht) in authentic Hong Kong style large dumplings full of shrimp, using 100% imported flour, pleated by hand with traditional techniques. Retain the juiciness of the stuffing in the thin batter.

Pork Dumplings Hong Kong Style: (135 baht) thin dough, firm filling, Hong Kong style, using quality pork, cooked with sesame oil, bouncy texture, soft aroma, freshly made and good taste, highly recommended.

Baked buns stuffed with barbecue pork: (160 baht) The bun is fill with honey roasted red pork. Soft aroma, intense seasoning all in a steamed bun, a secret recipe that is imported from abroad. Don’t miss this menu, it’s delicious.

Steamed pork buns with cream filling: (130 baht) looks super cute that everyone must order to take pictures of course Custard cream filling, the shop’s special recipe, fragrant and mellow It’s delicious even if you eat it in the evening and it still tastes good.

Shrimp Wonton Noodles, jumbo size: (240 baht) soup simmered for over 4 hours with the best Chinese ingredients. Eat with large shrimp dumplings and thin flour. Egg noodles sent directly from Hong Kong by plane every week, will make you feel like eating in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Boat Porridge (Boat Congee): (230 baht) freshly beaten porridge with a smooth texture. Made with the finest authentic Thai jasmine rice and Japanese rice, packed with seafood and pork, confirming the smooth texture of the congee. Combine with patonggo adds to the flavor.

BBQ Combination: (480 baht) a menu that brings pride from a team of experienced chefs, serving you a BBQ dish that you can experience with roast pork with honey sauce. The shop’s special recipe is baked with a special technique to give the meat still juicy roasted duck, juicy texture contrasts with the crispy thin skin on its layer. As for crispy pork, a special portion of pork is oven roasted by a chef with over 10 years of experience to get crispy fluffy skin. Cut with just the right amount of meat and fat.

I highly recommend this dish and try all the choices the menu has to offer.

Sweet and Sour Pork: (360 baht) uses the finest pork neck, deep-fried crispy in high-temperature oil but dish is not oily. Stir-fried with fresh vegetables and intense secret recipe sauce, satisfying Thai people’s mouths.

Minced pork stir-fried with spinach and 3 types of eggs: (280 baht) The soup is very   rich and mellow. The gentle pickled lime flavor adds a nice spiciness. A healthy dish for everyone, warming up the stomach, giving this meal a nice balance.

Peach blossom sugar candy: (160 baht) Peach gum is a resin from the Chinese wild peach tree. Good for health, rich in amino acids. Helps collagen to be absorbed into the body quickly. This is a menu that is delicious and beneficial at the same time. Easy to eat, refreshing to wash your mouth and finish off well.

There are also many other delicious menus waiting to be tasted. Believe that lovers of Hong Kong-style Chinese food will definitely like it. A shop atmosphere and a variety of delicious menus. The original taste of Hong Kong Island in heart of Bangkok. Let’s check-in at Central World today!

Canton Paradise

7th floor, Central World shopping center

Open daily from 10.00-21.30 hrs.

Tel : 099-987-6846

Line : @cantonparadiseth

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IG : @cantonparadisethailand