Eat Passionately at ToKio Jo

There is something youthful about Samyan Mitrtown. It is fast becoming a happy place to be, with direct access to MRT Samyan station. Walk in directly from the MRT exit or one floor down from street level and there you have it – food galore! And the one to watch and eat in, is ToKio Jo. While chicken is their forte, this new restaurant also offers a plethora of refreshing dishes from poke bowls to fish tacos. This whole new concept is created by chef-genius Shane Giles.

The very welcoming hostess will guide you to your preferred corner – and they have several seats counter-side too facing outwards, perfect for people watching and for solo diners. The clever design, minimalist in nature and with wood taking center stage is brilliant. Same goes for the ultra-modern kitchen and from most seats, you can see the chefs in action as they prepare your food, all ala-minute. As chef-founder Shane enthused, “here it is fine fast casual” – everything is prepared fresh yet fast and it is an elevated experience.

Their Chick n Fries dish comes with 3 strips of chicken, sweet potato fries and 2 accompanying sauces. Pick from a selection of 6 sauces – and mind you, they are all amazing. One of them is a nod to truffle oil, another deploys tamarind and there’s also one that salutes the famous Korean Gochujang sauce. We say, order enough chicken and try them all, and pack some home for later!

On the same note – for readers wanting something extra hot – get a plate of their OMG spicy chicken wings. For every kilogram of the sauce used, a third of it is pure chillies! It definitely had a kick in it and had us reaching for our rootbeer.

The tuna sashimi poke bowl is a clear indication that ToKio Jo is passionate and committed to using the freshest of ingredients. Generous helpings of tuna on top of a medley of greens, cucumber, carrot, radish and more – it is a meal in itself. Drinks here are creative indeed, and so reasonably priced. Root Beer and Ginger Beer from Australia are our favorites!

ToKio Jo is definitely one of those restaurants that you want to return many times over to try their other dishes, or to have the quintessential comfort food of fried chicken. Delivery via the usual platforms are available as well. Kudos to their top-notch packing as well, everything is so well thought out.

ToKio Jo opens daily from 10AM to 10PM. Make your first trip here for a happy, comforting and rewarding meal.

B1 floor, Samyan Mitrtown, Rama IV Road (MRT Samyan) 065-205-8201, IG @tokiojo.bkk