Great Hummus in Bangkok!

International Hummus Day was just celebrated last week! If you’re new in town, and hummus is a part of your life – here is our take on the places to visit for your dose of hummus. In no particular ranking, let’s take a look –

[1] Hummus Boutique, Thonglo

Alight at BTS Thonglo station, and this hummus heaven is right there by the exit, on the odd-side of the Sukhumvit Road. Choose your toppings from their hummus-driven menu. Order their housemade lemonade too and remember to end with Turkish coffee.

We recommend exploring further with their dolma, Tabouli salad, feta stuffed eggplant and pizzas. 

[2] ALATi, Meditteranean by Nature

This restaurant is located in Siam Kempinski Hotel. ALATi is designed to evoke memories of times spent travelling in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. For diners that have yet to experience this region in person, Executive Chef Carlo Valenziano combines ingredients and flavours from a multitude of Mediterranean countries. And the hummus here…. are what great memories are or should be.

Alati is the Greek word for salt. Eating salt is a symbol of friendship in many regions. They have several sets for delivery as well. We recommend their beetroot hummus. Goes perfectly with a pita basket and a serving of lamb.

[3]  Aesop’s Bangkok

This restaurant is an award winning one and John (the owner) is on-point, very friendly and his team cook with passion and dedication. The cosy restaurant is a great setting for friends to catch up and have a great time. And yes, of course – the hummus here is flavorful, comes with a side of pita, but you will need a 2nd helping. Hummus goodness, Greek cooking at its finest. 

They have a dedicated website for delivery now, and special prices for this month too. Check it out here. We would pay attention to their offers on gyros.

[4] Nadimos, Lebanese Restaurant Nadimos is an establishment in Bangkok. Frequented by many, for their original taste of Lebanon. We have plenty to recommend here too – but let’s begin at the hummus. It is an uplifting take, and it will bring back memories of Lebanon, if you’ve visited. Order at least two types and compare. Best to go with some friends so you can share. Or, have a hummus party back in the comfort of your home.