Headline: Treat Yourself to Nasi Lemak and more from Tr.EAT

Nourishing breakfasts, hearty lunches and everything in between. Tr.EAT is big on eating local, serving à la minute and telling stories through simple ingredients, and we loved it. Located in the new Sindhorn Midtown hotel, this is on our must-visit after the current situation. 

For now,  “Tr.EAT” is on LINE MAN and foodpanda and we will have to make do

Malaysians and Singaporeans – take heed! Nasi Lemak is on the menu! 

Alongside specials like Pad Kra Prao Khai Dao, Kanom Pakkad, Pad Ka Prao Pizza and Chicken Burger with Tamarind Mayo. Wash it all down with lemon ginger and basil iced tea.

Order now from your favorite must-have apps, or if you want a huge order for a Nasi Lemak feast, call 02-796-8888