IM En Ville The New Vintage-Styled

Cafe and Restaurant in 150 years old printing house

ÌM en ville is not just any ordinary place to eat, it’s a unique culinary experience that takes guests on a journey back in time. Nestled in an old printing house on Fueng Nakorn Road, adjacent to Wat Ratchabophit, this food and beverage building boasts of serving only the freshest and highest quality food.

From artisanal desserts to an extensive range of beverages, every dish is made to perfection.

As you step inside, the old- nostalgic vibes of the building will take your breath away, adding an extra layer of charm to your dining experience. Built on community values and catering to everyone’s budget.

Whether visitors are looking for a quick and simple bite or a more elevated dining experience, this multi-purpose spot has something for everyone.

From the humble food corner where guests can try some of Thailand’s classic dishes, like the succulent chicken rice or the flavorful Phat kaphrao. If guests are looking to take things up a notch, they can head up to the second floor and feast on some mouth-watering comfort food that’s sure to satisfy their cravings.

Savour a delicious meal while enjoying a breathtaking view in and old charm decored and original building in the Old Town of Bangkok! Bistro 59, serves up comforting dishes with a twist of Asian flair.

The menu features mouth-watering options like top-selling grilled pork chop served with creamy mash and homemade apple jam, or tantalizing seafood spaghetti ‘Pad Kee Mao’ style.

Locally sourced heirloom tomato salad prepared ‘Carpaccio style’ and served with sweet basil oil, homemade croutons, and luscious stracciatella. Experience the ultimate burger indulgence with our gourmet burgers made in-house with homemade sauce, patty, and potato buns.

The mushroom barley risotto is a unique and modern take on comfort food. Made with six types of locally grown mushrooms, this dish boasts simple complexity and is a true showcase of locally sourced ingredients.

Last but not least, indulge in plated desserts, made with love and care using homemade components. The sticky toffee pudding is a crowd- pleaser, highlighting the sweetness of local dates and sugar cane, and perfectly embodying our commitment to locally inspired and elevated comfort food. Come and taste the magic at Bistro 59!

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 – 21:30 Friday 11:30 -22:30
Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 22:30
(Closed Wednesdays)