Oppa, Let’s Go to Kosirae

Kosirae is a Korean barbeque establishment in the heart of Thonglo. It is walking distance from BTS Thonglo and some parking spaces are available. They are not new and have been reviewed by many food channels. Kosirae is renowned for their friendly prices and awesome value. For 299 Baht, enjoy a Korean barbeque feast for 90 minutes.

We walked in on a weekday at noon and was already the 3rd table to be seated. In less than 15 minutes after that, other hungry diners streamed in and the first floor was fully occupied. On weekends, queues are a usual scenario.

The staff were efficient as they served the side dishes. The options were varied and all were fresh and delicious – this is where Kosirae stands out from the other players in Bangkok. The fruit salad is a good combination of sliced bananas and apples.

They currently do not serve beef but the pork options will leave you happy and satisfied, without a doubt. Do sample both the pork belly and the various other cuts including the marinated options. Wrap them up in the green lettuce and transport yourself to Seoul or your favourite Korean series during meal time. Maybe a scene in a palace (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, anyone?)

Of course, we ordered their best selling bibimbap. The Korean pizza and Tteokbokki (rice cakes) came highly recommended too. The steamed egg custard was comforting and perfect for any cold evenings. We applauded their gimbap and how fluffy the scrambled egg was. At this point during our lunch, we understood why the tables are larger than usual here.

Seafood lovers can go for the 450 Baht new menu – which includes prawns, squid and a selection of seafood dishes. Any table of 4 guests and above at Kosirae can enjoy the free flowing food for 2 hours too. Kosirae is open every day from 11.30AM to 10.00PM. Power up your map and search for the exact location or call 02 714 8683