Michelin Two Star Thai Restaurant R-HAAN

The Wisdom of Thai Herb and Sustainable Sumrub

“R-HAAN” in Thai means ‘to eat for a living’. But in reality it’s much more than just eating for survival…

R-HAAN is a fine dining restaurant founded by Khun ‘Todd’ Piti Bhirom Bhakdi, based on the basic spirit of the Thai proverb ‘Nai Nam Mee Pla, Nai Na Mee Khao’ (Water has fish, near water there is rice). develops all food and recipes. Traditionally, it represents the richness of the Kingdom of Thailand, the exquisite beauty of Thai art and culture, and the global popularity of Thai food. All of R-HAAN’s food will provide you with the best food and precious memories you can experience in Thailand.

All of R-HAAN’s dishes are based on recipes unique to the royal family. Special spices and ingredients used in the royal family are used, and all ingredients are selected and airlifted by the chef himself from all over Thailand. If you want to feel the true taste of Thailand’s best ingredients, R-HAAN is the best choice.

This Michelin-starred Chef Chumphon’s cuisine, Wisdom of Thai Cuisine, consists of the following five elements.

1. Ingredients

Carefully selected and sourced from local Thai ingredients such as bangpa bean sea bass, bangtabun blue crab from Paknam, specially raised and airlifted beef from Kampangsan, ratchaburi pepper and home mali rice grown and airlifted directly from Chiang Rai and Ubon Ratchathani are doing.

2. Seasoning

Thai cuisine has always been known for its extreme and delicate taste. R-HANN provides customers with a variety of special dishes that can be tasted using seasonal ingredients, and these dishes are divided into three seasons in Thailand (summer, rainy season and winter). This is because the seasonal flow of the Thai people’s heart, the guardian deity of the Emerald Buddha, and the change of seasons according to the ceremonies of the royal family change according to the royal ceremonies, and the ingredients always taste the best.
In addition to savoring the unique flavors of each season, you can learn about the happiness of Thai people in the past and interest in the flow and time of each season. For Thais, balance and attention to detail are at the heart of Thai cuisine, and these ideologies are the most essential part of the food R-HAAN serves. Pre-dinner dishes and desserts, as well as even a very small portion, prik nam pla (fish sauce with chilli) are arranged according to the delicate order of traditional Thai food. At least 18 menu items will feel the attention to detail.

3. Cooking

All ingredients and seasonings are in perfect harmony to make a great dish. Every act of heating or maintaining the right temperature not only prepares every dish to be delicious and enjoyable, but also gives every dish a colorful life.

4. Balance

Balancing Thai food has the charm of achieving perfect balance beyond the beauty and delicacy of expression. Cooking is an art form that stimulates the five senses, and is filled with a variety of colors to create captivating dishes and textures that satisfy the palate, boasting savory expressions and delicate scents. Combining eight core flavors, such as sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, strong, astringent and soft, each ingredient has its own unique aroma and unique flavor, while at the same time being the wisdom of Thai cuisine, “the charm of Thai taste”. ” to complete .

5. Passion

All dishes on the Passion. Table are representative of authentic Thai cuisine, but each dish has been seasoned and prepared with the utmost precision. All dishes on the menu are presented through plates and silverware hand-painted by highly skilled artisans similar to those used in palaces of the Rattanakosin period. You will also feel the flow of passion in the decor, attentive staff and every element of a restaurant where you want to enjoy the best Thai food at the best Thai restaurants.

[R-HAAN is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. It should be noted that, not a typical restaurant, it is only operated as a course meal with advance reservations.

There are 18 kinds of food in all, and the whole course starts with amuse boucher (pre-dinner dish), salad, appetizer 1, chef’s journey, appetizer 2, sorbet, main course, dessert and petit four (coffee after meal and served). Cake) will decorate the final chapter.

  • All dishes are introduced by two restaurant managers. The ingredients and types of food, the process of how they were made, and the chef’s philosophy and story of the ingredients are developed in a fun way. Please note that the course meal introduction will be in Thai or English.

Course Introduction

Amuse Bouche (pre-dinner dish)* A small wooden box appears. When the wooden box is opened, a small Thailand unfolds, in which pre-dinner dishes made with Thailand’s famous local products are displayed in various colors and shapes. It’s like opening a treasure chest, and it’s like opening Thailand and finding a pearl in it.

North Journey : Pounded Spicy Jackfruit Salad with Cherry Tomato
E-Sarn Excursion : Grilled Climbing Perch with Herbs
Central Thai Visit : River Prawn Tom Yam Croquette
Southern Wander : Spicy Rice Salad Roll with Vegetables
Eastern Experience : Steamed Rice Dumplings with Crab Meat Filling
Organic Paco Fern with Tiger Prawn Salad
Appitizer 1
Thai Crispy Rice Vermicelli with Royal Project Caviar
Chef Journey
Coconut Cream and Galangal Bisque with Squid, Served with Crispy Parmasan Cheese Stick
Appitizer 2
Sticky Rice Topped with Korat Wagyu and Aromatic Holy Basil Sauce Sorbet
Passion Fruit and Wild Honey Sorbet

MAIN Course*

  • River Prawn Tom Yam Soup
  • Thai Yellow Curry with Siam Grouper
  • Angus Buriram Massaman Curry
  • Salak Chili Dip Served with Crispy Gourami Roll
  • Stir-fried Spicy Wild Boar with herbs
  • Sous-vide duck breasts with Emblica extract and tamarind sauce
  • Newly Harvested Thai Jasmine Rice


3 types available per person (Table Reservation)

  • Mango Sticky Rice / Coconut Ice Cream / Mango Parfait
  • Mango Parfait / Kanom Nam Dok Kularb
  • Coconut Collagen / Mangosteen Ice Cream / Durian Cheesecake
  • Chili Shaped Mung Beans
  • Caramelized coconut wrapped Thai pancake
  • Sweet Young Coconut and Collagen Jelly
  • Black Fingerroot with Thai Brandy Chocolate Bon Bon

Additional information:

  • Opening hours: 18.00 – 23.00 hrs.
  • Address : 131 Sukhumvit 53 (Pai Di Ma Di), Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
  • Reservation
  • Tel + 66 (0) 95 141 5524, + 66 (0) 2 059 0433 – 34
  • e-mail : reservation@r-haan.com  
  • www.R-HAAN.com
  • Facebook : RHAANThai
  • Instagram : r.haan_restaurant