Revive & Reform with REN Gift Vouchers

You read right! Gift vouchers – is time to allocate some time and budget to haul in the best deals in the city and in fact, globally. Buy now use later is the mantra of the month and Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel is now offering REN Gift Vouchers. 

Long official name but the hotel, as the name reveals, is located right in the heart of the city. 

Each voucher can be applied for accommodation, dining and spa treatments. Vouchers are valid for a year, till April 2021! The silver package at 5,000 Baht comes with 5 vouchers of 1,500 Baht each, so pay 5,000 but receive 7,500 in value. The Gold Package is 10,000 Baht for 20,000 Baht worth of vouchers (1000 Baht value per voucher) and the Platinum Package is 20,000 Baht for 40,000 Baht worth of vouchers.

Purchase now as we plan our revival and reform when things’ go back to normal. Call 02 125 5000 or email