Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Do your research or plan an outing with a local friend, and you will soon discover the hidden food treasures dotting the lesser known alleys and districts across this mega city. Some are stand-alone restaurants passed down for at least 3 generations, while others are street side goodness with a few tables. Most are not your latest ‘grammable scene and you cannot book online, but they are indeed the real deal. Come for the food and stay for their storied recipes and anecdotes.

To make this an easier odyssey, Thai Taste Hub steps in as a focal point for a curated list of 12 restaurants including a mix of legendary and Michelin- recommended venues. Directly connected to Chong Nonsi BTS skytrain station, Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE offers an everyday dining option within a chic and creatively designed space for the urban crowd. Showcasing the work of five local Thai artists, the venue is also a celebration of Thailand’s art scene.

The Hub is located on the 1st floor of the CUBE. Opens daily from 10AM to 8.30PM, the restaurant seats 200 people comfortably. Mahanakhon CUBE is part of the King Power family who also owns and manages the adjacent Mahanakhon Bangkok Skybar and Skywalk – the highest in the city.

So, who are some of the 12 restaurants? Here is a quick snapshot. Representing Bangkok’s Chinatown – is the famous rolled noodles or ‘Guay Chap’, served in peppery clear broth and crispy pork alongside a medley of pig parts (of your choice). A very storied dish with different versions across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond.

There is of course Pad Thai, from Dinsor Road deep in the old town area of Bangkok, steps away from Khao San Road. Braised Beef Rice Pot – yes, available here too! Egg Noodles with Grilled Pork from Boon Lert and Fish Ball Noodles from the legendary 80-years established Limlaosa add to the illustrious 12.

Maverick Suki is one beautiful name and they are 61 this year, having operated from their main store since 1960. Glass noodles meet melt-in-your-mouth fried pork, assortment of seafood and more… we call this happiness delivered. One plate full…

Bring friends, bring your family – and have a wholesome and convenient food journey traversing Bangkok from one spot.