Airbnb Gives Back to Superhosts with $17 Million Relief Fund

Superhosts on Airbnb consistently go above and beyond for their guests. They give you the local perspective on top of a comfortable stay. For some of us, these great group of hosts made our trips much more meaningful, and memorable. 

To help them through this challenging time, Airbnb’s employees kickstarted a fund for hosts struggling to make ends meet. Airbnb employees, founders, and investors donated a total of USD17 Million towards their Superhost Relief Fund. 

Airbnb wants to support as many hosts as they can in a meaningful way. Airbnb will be prioritising invitations for hosts based on a number of reasons, including how long they’ve been a Superhost and how badly their earnings have been impacted, at its sole discretion. Relief grants come with no strings attached and no repayment is required. 

Kudos to Airbnb for giving back in a big way to the community globally! Check out more details here