Ascend into the sky. For a celestial picnic

From afar, the futuristic tower is an enviable landmark of cosmopolitan Bangkok.

The non-conforming fluid design stands out and atop this 310-meters engineering marvel, is an observation deck and skywalk.

Visitors can park steps away from the main lobby entrance, so it was effortless for us. Upon entering, the ticketing counter is on your left. New normal protocols were in place and conducted by their friendly team. Before stepping into the first lift, bags and personal items were scanned like in an airport before a photo moment in front of a black screen. The crew were extra helpful and assisted in creating various poses. These photos can be purchased at the end of your visit.

As the lift began its journey, floral illustrations lit up the lift. The ascend was smooth. We were deposited on the 74th floor – the indoor observation deck, that rewarded us with a 360-degree view of Bangkok.

Recommend: Don’t rush, slow down the hands of time. Observe some of the artwork and pictorial anecdotes that dot the walkways, on top of the panoramic cityscape. There is also a vending machine to buy postcards – and it comes with postage. We loved this playful touch and there’s a dedicated corner for you to pen the address and send it off in a classic mail dropbox.

Once you are ready, a separate lift will take you up to the 78th floor – to the rooftop! Welcome to the Mahanakhon Observatory. First stop: the renowned and much talked about Glass Tray. Do your walk (or waltz) and the staff are ready to assist with videos and photos. Once again, take your time and walk around to soak in the views. Stop to ponder, daydream or reminisce…

We found our table for the picnic in the sky. A basket was provided with an array of light bites. Key highlights were the chicken sandwich, hummus and the chocolate cookie with a touch of sea salt. Poetic to be munching cookies with elements from the sea, so close to the sky.

Steps away from our table is an elevated area which is billed as the highest observation point in Bangkok, at 314 meters. Transition here and order a drink or two, on the plush sofas or on the steps. Try to identify your hotel or iconic landmarks, or if you have a local guide or friend with you, this is the opportune time to get local insights. Enjoy the cinematic experience.

2 floors down is the Mahanakhon Bangkok SkyBar. If indoor drinking is more your style, this is the perfect pit stop before heading down to terra firma. Check out their degustation menu too.

Once you’re back down, there is a special quadrant in the lobby area marked for skyrides. Glide through your own choice of scenery (city-flyer or mountain). A fully immersive and interactive virtual thrill.

Start planning your visit and head up to the King Power MahaNakhon Skywalk for a picnic in the sky.