Bringing world-class culinary and pastry arts classes to all who love cooking, Nai Lert Group introduces École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio to the Thai capital, opening on 14 December 2022.

The new venue combining a training centre for enthusiasts and professionals alike, an exclusive event space as well as a café open to the public is set to be the hot-spot for World Gastronomy in the Thai Capital. 

Driven by the vision and passion of École Ducasse Founder Chef Alain Ducasse, an established benchmark for culinary excellence since 1999, École Ducasse has revealed some of the most renowned talents on the world gastronomic scene.

Bangkok was deemed the ideal place for specialized training in the culinary and pastry arts and chosen for the first Studio outside Paris thanks to Thailand’s exceptional culinary heritage, which is carried by a pool of talented chefs on a continuous quest for perfection, as well as its many passionate aficionados.

This is a significant milestone for Nai Lert Group as with École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio, we pursue our commitment to excellence, enrich culinary education and bring a new holistic gastronomic experience to Thailand.” said Naphaporn “Lek” Bodiratnangkura, CEO of Nai Lert Group. “It will contribute to open up new culinary landscapes in the Country.”


Under the vision and energy of École Ducasse Founder world-renowned Chef Alain Ducasse, École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio is a venue for all those in love with gastronomy.

Alain Ducasse said, “I have always run on my vision of culinary and pastry arts. I share my know-how with all young people who have a craving for learning, enthusiasts, career-changers and professionals alike willing to strengthen their skills, with a single motto in mind: excellence in practice. I am delighted to extend this vision to Thailand, one of the most vibrant culinary scenes.”

Alain Ducasse is one of the most renowned chefs of his generation. Hailing from the Landes region in the southwest of France, he is known for his innovation, attention to detail and dedication to both quality and technique.

The Studio’s professional teams of Alain Ducasse chefs offer a unique mix of expertise, comprised of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen of France), world champions, renowned chefs and pastry chefs, artisans and hospitality experts together with Thai teams.


Nestled in the iconic century-old Nai Lert Park, with a prime location in the heart of Bangkok, École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio is the perfect venue for those in pursuit of understanding and making exceptional gastronomic experiences.

The  purposed-built building spans over 1,400 sqm across three floors, with two of these floors dedicated to the school’s five kitchens and workshops, a chocolate and ice-cream lab, wine cellar, and an event room. Created with professionals and amateurs in mind, the Studio is contemporary, convivial and inviting for all.

The kitchens have been designed by the stellar team of École Ducasse to ensure the facilities, appliances and layout are all state-of-the-art, meeting professional standards.


École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio will share culinary and pastry arts know-how with culinary enthusiasts to professionals, offering practical and academic courses that jointly celebrate the heritage of French and Thai cuisine, while echoing trends in contemporary gastronomy and the philosophy of its esteemed founder.

Taught in a modern, friendly space in Thai, English and French, with easy-to-use professional equipment, every programme is in tune with the times and tailored to different levels of learning.

With a relatively small number of students per class, allowing for 1-1 attention from the highly talented training chef, this is an ideal environment to help students enhance their talent, cultivate their identity, and meet the high expectations of the industry as the vision of École Ducasse is to train Entrepreneurs, Managers and Citizen chefs.

Informative and engaging, with everything explained as often as necessary, the students can truly benefit from the living expertise of their trainers, whether they choose a four-hour class on childhood desserts or mignardises, a class on brunch or bistro cuisine, or a highly immersive and practical full-time ten-week course on culinary essentials.

There is something for everyone at every level, from choux chocolat to brownies, from rib steak and béarnaise sauce to sea bream meunière, from in-depth secrets of French cuisine classics to 3-star Alain Ducasse classics.

 École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio will also train professional chefs who want to continue to reinforce their expertise on gastronomic themes such as “3 stars menu”, “Vegetarian cuisine”, or “Artistic pastry pieces”.


École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio’s exclusive event space is inviting and welcoming, with endless possibilities, as well as memorable gastronomic experience.

The expert, thoughtful team can create  one of a kind events using the Studio’s facilities, from seminars and team building to after-work parties, product launches, work meetings and demonstrations, to film shoots and corporate dinners. Sharing time in the kitchen, or over good food and wine is always a good idea.


On the ground floor of this world-class school, overlooking lush Nai Lert Park, is École Ducasse Bangkok Café. Serving French breakfast with daily delights such as quiche Lorraine and smoked salmon or sophisticated and innovative French pastries, gâteaux, chocolates, ice cream and hot and cold crafted beverages created by the Executive Culinary and Pastry Chefs of École Ducasse.

Enjoy a contemporary, intimate French café ambience in the heart of Bangkok at any time of the day.

Open daily 7am to 6pm

For more information and enrolment, please contact

LINE: @EcoleDucasseBKK

Email: ecoleducassebangkok@nailertgroup.com

Tel. +66 (0) 2-253-0123


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