JW Marriott Bangkok, an icon of contemporary luxury hotels in the heart of Bangkok, is delighted to join hands with PASAYA, a distinguished Thai brand of green home textiles and lifestyle products. This dynamic partnership goes beyond the ordinary, infusing unparalleled comfort with the artistry of PASAYA, offering guests an immersive experience that seamlessly blends lavish living with conscious design. Elevating beyond a mere suite makeover, this collaboration celebrates the fusion of luxury and mindfulness, creating a sanctuary that transcends expectations. 

Unveiling JW Marriott Bangkok’s New Themed Suites: A PASAYA Collaborative Inspiration  

Introducing the captivating campaign, “Unveiling JW Marriott Bangkok’s New Themed Suites: A PASAYA Collaborative Inspiration,” where JW Marriott Bangkok and PASAYA unite with a shared vision. JW Marriott’s core principle is a dedication to mindfulness, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the present moment, nourishing the body, and rejuvenating the spirit. Embracing this philosophy, JW Marriott Bangkok and PASAYA come together to create a truly transformative collaboration.

Drawing from JW Marriott Bangkok’s luxury commitment and PASAYA’s sustainable practices, this partnership sets the stage for mindful luxury through the fusion of artistry, luxury, and eco-consciousness. 

Nature-Inspired Signature Suites: Nature Suite and Serenity Suite 

At the heart of this remarkable partnership, PASAYA has artistically reimagined the JW Corner Suites into the newly unveiled Nature Suite and Serenity Suite. Stepping into these exclusive retreats transports guests into two distinct realms, each exuding its own unique allure. The Nature Suite brings guests into a deep, therapeutic ambiance. Jungle Dream mural art graces the walls, while the Cosmopolitan 1100 Coolagen Series in Glassy White adorns the bedding, contrasting elegantly against the darker hues. 

In contrast, the Serenity Suite, a homage to the floral concept, showcases the soft pink undertones dance on the walls, complemented by Magnolia Deluxe art murals that paint a serene floral scene. The bedding showcases the soothing Rose Marble hue. 

The collaboration introduces guests to PASAYA’s Cosmopolitan 1100 Coolagen Series — a collection that embodies the concept of “Beautiful Sleep, Beautiful Skin.” Experience the comfort of an ultra-soft bed sheet infused with collagen peptide fibers. Throughout the Nature and Serenity Suites, a tapestry of sustainability and elegance unfolds through formaldehyde-free home fabrics, featuring textile wall murals throughout the rooms, curtains, sofa upholstery, and an Urban Art Rug made with upcycled materials. Each element is carefully curated, transforming the suites into havens inspired by nature’s beauty.  

In perfect harmony with PASAYA’s innovative products, JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok is dedicated to the planet’s well-being. This commitment is evident through the transition to the use of residential-sized bottles, a conscious choice aimed at minimizing plastic waste and promoting responsible consumption. Furthermore, in collaboration with Corsair, emptied plastic bottles find new life as advanced bio-oil, effectively contributing to a circular plastic economy.

In line with the recycling efforts, PASAYA introduces guests to an eco-conscious and robust tourist bag, meticulously crafted from upcycled fabric sourced from plastic bottles. These actions align seamlessly with the joint overarching mission to make a meaningful impact on both the environment and society while enjoying the aesthetic comfort of the Nature and Serenity Suite. 

Exquisite and Green Experiences Beyond the Suite 

In conjunction with the suite transformation, JW Marriott Bangkok unveils a collection of exclusive in-room experiences that seamlessly align with the collective commitment to sustainability. JW Marriott Bangkok’s devotion to environmental stewardship is embedded with a steadfast focus on responsible sourcing. The sourcing of cage-free eggs and acquiring 80% of the ingredients locally, showcases the devotion to responsible sourcing and culinary excellence; and the in-house JW Garden enriches the meals with homegrown herbs. Furthermore, the Responsible Seafood Program guarantees that all seafood dishes are certified, allowing guests to savor dishes without compromising marine ecosystems. 

Nature and Serenity Suites’ exclusive offerings include: 

  • Exquisite Arrival Delights: A Gourmet Prelude 
  • Savor the exquisite balance of flavors with delectable options such as vanilla & Thai tea scones paired with lemongrass curd, and relish in savory delights like mushroom, feta, and rosemary bruschetta, each adorned with JW Garden’s homegrown herbs. 
  • Homegrown Delights: A Farm-to-Suite In-Room Dining Concept Exclusively at the Nature and Serenity Suites 
  • Embark on a culinary journey with exclusive homegrown delights, a testament to the commitment to responsible sourcing and community support, including the delectable like Gang Kua Bai Cha Plu with Lobster, a flavorful red curry infused with betel leaf, coconut, chili, lemongrass, and a blend of aromatic spices, or JW Garden Salsa Verde Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin served with cauliflower puree and roasted local king mushroom.  

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