Celebrate a special occasion with Suntory Kakubin

Japan’s most loved and #1 best-selling

Blended in 1937, Suntory Kakubin is Japan’s most loved and #1 best-selling. Throughout bars and izakayas in Japan, customers call for “kaku-hi” – a blend of Kakubin and soda water – whenever they want to celebrate a special occasion or a casual night out with friends. The perfectly balanced flavour, featuring the sweet aroma of green apple and hazelnut, rich notes of coconut and baked almonds, and a crisp, dry finish, is the perfect way to toast life’s important moments.

And that’s why Suntory Kakubin is launching a whole month-long of the festivities. After all, there’s no better way to usher in a year of happiness and prosperity than with Kakubin’s refreshing flavour.

at Bangkok’s Top Night Spots, Three of Bangkok’s most vibrant venues will be transformed to bring the full Kakubin experience to life:

● Siam Yacht Club

● High Tide Eatery & Bar

● Izakaya Hotei

During the event, each venue will serve a number of specially crafted cocktails. One of the highlights is the Kakubin Songkran Highball Special, created by Nanthawat Klinhom, Beam Suntory’s Brand Ambassador in Bangkok, who loves experimenting with ingredients to come up with creative new drinks:

“The Songkran Festival happens in summer in Thailand, so everyone’s looking for a cool and refreshing drink. That’s why the Kakubin Songkran Highball Special is the perfect summer drink – it combines refreshing strawberry fruit with the acidity of lime juice, topped with cold soda and lemon. Together with Kakubin’s citrus aromas, balanced with notes of apple and oak, the drink will instantly cool you down and bring your energy back up.” – Nanthawat Klinhom, Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador

Suntory Kakubin highballs are well loved for being a perfect pairing with Japanese bar food and snacks. But they also complement a wide range of cuisines, including Western and Thai food, as guests at all three events will discover. Everything from fresh seafood such as ahi tuna to delectable local favourites like grilled meats and more will be served and paired with perfectly poured Suntory Kakubin highballs.