WeTV Concludes the Year with Latest Top 5 Chinese Series

Starts with “Love Like the Galaxy” Top Chinese Series of 2022

, the best Asian entertainment platform and Thailand’s leading video streaming platform on website and application under Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., would like welcome the conclusion of the year 2022 with seven latest and binge-worthy series. 

A brigade of five top-rated Chinese series includes a period series of the year with highest views entitled Love Like The Galaxy, Who Rules The World, She and Her Perfect Husband, The Oath of Love and The Longest Promise

Love Like the Galaxy (56 Episodes)

With unparalleled production and a sense of unstoppable fun upon watching, “Love Like the Galaxy” currently ranks top in period series genre both in China and Thailand. It is also a series with highest views on WeTV Thailand. Rising stars “Wu Lei” and “Zhao Lu Si” are protagonists of this epic series, which is a perfect choice to watch during holiday, exclusively on WeTV!

Synopsis: The daughter of the Cheng Family, Shaoshang (Zhao Lu Si), has been left to her grandmother by her parents due to the war. Her evil aunt wants to raise her as a good-for-nothing so Cheng Shaoshang fakes absurdity and studies hard in order to survive.

Cheng Shaoshang, who lacks love, meets the new emperor’s adopted son Ling Buyi (Wu Lei), the talented Yuan Shen from White Deer Mountain, and Lou Yao, a son of a noble family, all of whom have their own advantages and disadvantages. See how they will overcome all calamities only on WeTV application.

Who Rules the World (40 Episodes)

Starring “Yang Yang” and “Zhao Lu Si”, this is the hottest Wuxia series to date with over 600 million views in China in just the first week. It also secured the first spot since the first streaming day on WeTV.

It answers to desires of fans who love Chinese ancient martial arts series with its fast-packed storyline, witty characters on and off fight scenes, contemporary social issues, and cutting-edge production in all production aspects particularly cinematography and soundtrack.

Synopsis: Hei Fengxi (Yang Yang) is a handsome, witty man with unmatched fighting skills while Bai Fengxi (Zhao Lu Si) is also known as ruthless but kind warrior who always answer to calls of the underprivileged. Bai Fengxi’s fair physique means she is desired by men in every realm.

Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi are a total opposite like Yin and Yang but they have to embark on decade-long adventures together. What will be the end of this unlikely love story?  

She and Her Perfect Husband (40 Episodes)

Let’s bid farewell to 2022 with a long-awaited rom-com full of food for thoughts on work and marriage. This is the first time “Yang Mi” and “Xu Kai”—a magnet loved by girl fans from his performance in “Falling into Your Smile”—assume leading roles together. Their chemistry is all over the screen since the first episode! This is a must for fans who love a story between a full bloom woman and a younger man!

Synopsis: Qin Shi (Yang Mi) is a single female lawyer who is focused on her career. With a rush to get married by her parents and an unexpected work requirement, her “husband” Yang Hua (Xu Kai) appears.

He was forced by his mother to come for a matchmaking session with Qin Shi. The two people who are unwilling to be forced into marriage, hit it off immediately, and impulsively decide to register their marriage.

The Oath of Love (29 Episodes)

The 2-year wait is finally over! A heartfelt romantic series with two stars who have total views for their previous works over ten billion. “Yang Zi” from “Ashes of Love” plays as a cellist named Lin Zhixiao while Xiao Zan from the phenomenon “The Untamed” assumes the role of a talented surgeon.

Synopsis: Lin Zhixiao (Yang Zi) fell to the bottom of her life before graduation as her father was hospitalized with cancer. All the good imagination about love and future life were broken at this moment.

At that moment, Gu Wei (Xiao Zan), the doctor in charge of her father, entered the life of Lin Zhixiao. They met, known, and loved each other step by step. They have had doubts and waves, misunderstandings, and the bottom in their lifetime.

The Longest Promise (40 Episodes)  

A present to bid farewell to 2002! Countless fans are anxious if their highly anticipated show will be released by this year. The release date of Xiao Zan’s upcoming vintage rom-com series is not announced yet, but the official trailer is available now. Of course, the show will be available exclusively on WeTV.

Synopsis: Shi Ying (Xiao Zan) is a calm and reserved price. He is a son of the King of Kong Sang Continent, and he is destined to revolve around a tumultuous love story Zhu Yan with (Ren Min), a princess of princess of the Chi Yi Tribe. He began to develop romantic feelings for Zhu Yan, his disciple. However, because of their relationship as teacher and student, both of them do not voice out their feelings.

Fate also stands in their way when they stood on opposite sides in political struggle and undergo life and death situations. Kong Sang Continent is in ruins while Gui Seiy is more powerful than ever. Shi Ying misunderstands that Tzu Yuan, a mermaid growing up with Zhu Yan is the Emperor of Oceans and locked her eternally. Stay tuned at WeTV for the release!