“Who’s Cutting Onions” Solo Exhibition by Tum Ulit

These tears stem not from the sorrow within our souls, But from the overpowering presence of unseen onions

River City Bangkok proudly presents “Who’s Cutting Onions”, the debut solo exhibition by Tum Ulit, an artist, cartoonist, and storyteller who captures loneliness, sorrow, and profound emotions through his poignant illustrations that speak directly to the hearts of millions worldwide.

‘Who’s cutting onions?’ originates from an idiom we often use in delicate moments, where articulating our true sentiments proves challenging. It encapsulates those times when our hearts yearn to shield the profound reasons behind teats too agonizing to comfort. Vulnerability becomes the final frontier we hesitate to unveil. In such moments, we seek solace in whimsical excuses, suggesting that these tears stem not from the sorrow within our souls, But from the overpowering presence of unseen onions.

In his quest to convey these nuanced feelings, Tum Ulit has fashioned a realm akin to delicate layers of an onion’s petals. Within this realm lies a tapestry rich with intricate and tender emotions, inviting exploration layer by layer. Much like peeling deeper into the onion intensifies its essence, delving into this world unveils raw and tumultuous emotions, stirring tears that may need to be shed.

Tum Ulit warmly invites viewers to explore the depths of their hearts and shed tears together, for he believes that behind every teardrop lies a reason. Inspired by reminiscence, loss, growth, love, hope, and even dreams, these emotions resonate through over 30 artworks crafted from the artist’s imagination, interpretation, and profound feelings.

Come, let us peel back these layers of emotion together, And fear not the shedding of tears, For sometimes, tears flow simply because of the onions.

About the Artist

Tum Ulit (Natakorn Ulit) is an artist, cartoonist, and storyteller enamored with the world of cartoons since childhood. He completed his undergraduate studies in Animation Production at Mahidol University International College (MUIC). His passion for cartooning stems from a profound need to articulate and navigate through deep-seated pain and sorrow nestled within his soul. Through the art of cartooning, Tum discovered a transformative medium, allowing him to explore his innermost self and the intricate nuances of his emotional journey. 

Tum Ulit first gained recognition among readers through his webcomic series featured on his page “Tum Ulit”. What distinguishes him is his ability to narrate stories through visuals alone, reaching deep into the emotions and touching the souls of readers from diverse backgrounds and languages worldwide. This unique approach has inspired him to continuously create works that resonate as ambassadors of people’s emotions. Tum Ulit hopes above all that his creations spark profound reflections and become symbols of apologies, remembrance, or lingering sentiments in people’s hearts. Presently, his page boasts a global following of over 1.7 million individuals.

 In 2022, Tum Ulit made his debut in the art scene with the group exhibition “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?”, followed by “To the Moon and (Never) Back” in 2023, both held at River City Bangkok. These showcases marked his entry into the realms of both painting and mixed media, capturing the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike, both locally and internationally. His upcoming exhibition, “Who’s Cutting Onions?” represents his first solo venture, eagerly anticipated by his followers and collectors.

"Who's Cutting Onions" is open from 13 July - 25 August 2024 at RCB Galleria 1, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.